Leticia Luevanos

At the end of every relationship, event, and experience, an individual is left with only the memory of the experience or moment. Crucial aspects of family and cultural traditions are passed down from generation to generation to actively keep these memories alive. When one is no longer connected to his or her family, country, or culture, the presence of these memories becomes essential. In the end, the only things an individual can walk away with are these memories. Our memories shape current behavior and the way we choose to perpetuate customs and traditions to others.
Memory is a subjective experience that can be as real as a tangible object. Therefore, I am seeking to create a space of remembrance in my artwork that is beyond a traditional shrine, memorial, or altar. I am interested in exploring this space of memory through the process of painting and installation. My memory of growing up with the Mexican culture is the lens I use to approach my body of work. I am seeking to create an experiential space through the artwork that has the potential to visually transcend language, culture, and religion. The cultural and religious elements from private and public memorials, shrines, and altars are incorporated into the work. Fusing my interests through the visual exploration with the subjective space of memory and culture and with influences from contemporary art. Using the personal memories from my Mexican culture to influence the structures of design in my paintings is one aspect of the exploration. I am interested in visually exploring ways to honor an individual through an installation and incorporating elements from personal and public memorials in which memory is activated through the visceral experience. In addition, I am allowing culture, craft, and contemporary art to collage and create an installation.
Memories of my family’s traditions and culture are centered on my experience of living in the border town of El Paso, Texas. The memories of my experiences in the border town have ignited a passion in me to bring the elements of culture and human injustices in Mexico into my paintings. The farther I move from the Sun City, El Paso, the clearer I am about my deepening love for its culture and people